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Potara Earrings Meaning

Potara are earrings worn by the Kaioshin (Supreme Kais). These earrings are worn by all Kaioshin as part of their standard outfits, and come in various colors. When one pair of Potara Earrings are worn by a single person they have no special properties. However, if two individuals each wear one earring on opposite ears, the true power of the artifacts is revealed. The earrings have the ability to fuse two people into a single entity, substantially enhancing the abilities of both individuals. The resulting fusion lasts forever, even if the fused being removes the earrings. However, there is one instance where the Potara Fusion will be nullified and restore the fused being back to their original forms, which is when they are sucked into an environment that would not support it (as seen with Vegito being absorbed inside Buu).

How Long Do Potara Earrings Last?

The Potara earrings were used to permanently fuse two individuals in Dragon Ball Z, the last time they were used. Super has a single-hour time limit instead of a lengthy one.

Potara Fusion Earrings

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